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Revs. Coco and Alinda Ramos

Revs. Coco and Alinda Ramos

Come home to Unity!

We believe in our common unity with all life. We seek to realize a community of all humanity empowered by love. We study and practice the universal principles and spiritual values taught by Jesus. Through prayer, meditation, and service we invoke the continuing revelation of the Christ presence and become increasingly aware of our oneness with God.

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Sundays at Unity Center for Positive Living in Longwood

Whether you want to enjoy it all over again, or you’ve never been to our Sunday service and want to get a sense of our community, you can share our community’s Sunday experience through the short video below.

Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay

October 19     10 AM

The book, Even Mystics Have Bills to pay is about balancing a spiritual life with earthly living. What does that mean? Jesus said: I am in the world but not of the world. How do we participate and partake of all the world has to offer without being limited or defined by that world? Join us this Sunday at 10 AM as we begin a new Sunday series days based on the book before mentioned. Jay Hall makes his debut as our Sunday vocalist.

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Rev Coco


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