Peter and the Fourth Dimension

Charles Fillmore, the Co-founder of Unity, compared the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven with The Fourth Dimension. But rather than having to wait until after death, he said that we could access this realm of infinite possibilities here and now. How do we do it?  I believe that the Disciple Peter has the answer to that question. Join us this morning at 10 Am at

The Advent Season: Right Here, Right Now

Unity has historically viewed the season of Advent as an inner search of mind and heart.

Cofounder Charles Fillmore spoke of Unity and Advent in a January 24, 1923, radio broadcast called “Christ Mind, the Second Coming of Christ.” He shared his thoughts on his understanding that “Christ is an idea in divine mind,” and highlighted the universality of the Christ, the divine essence that dwells in every human being.

“Like the idea of mathematics or music or any of the exact sciences, there is an idea of a perfect Christ in divine mind,” he told the (Unity station) WOQ audience.

Fillmore said people with preconceived, human notions of the “second coming” are bound to be disillusioned. “They are simply looking in the wrong place to discover the Advent,” he said.

Once you understand the spiritual character of Christ’s second coming, he said, then you find Christ within yourself.

Fillmore drove home his understanding of true Advent in an apocryphal story about a follower of William Miller (1782–1849). Miller had prophesied that Jesus’ second coming would occur between 1843 and 1844.

The story he shared was about a farmer who was a Millerite follower. The man put on his ascension robe and climbed up on a stack of hay to await the second coming, and he fell asleep there. Mischievous boys saw him slumbering, struck a match to the haystack and it went up in flames. When the man suddenly awakened he yelled out: “Resurrection morn, and I am in hell, just as expected.”

Fillmore found within the story the precise problem of human expectations. The human understanding of Advent was a personal construct rather than a truthful, divine one. Instead, Fillmore taught, it is “a metaphysical fact, according as you think in your heart so are you.”

He concluded that there is such a thing as a “Christ consciousness.”

He assured his listeners that the kingdom of God is within you, and that the more we search for that inner kingdom and comply with the law, the more we will know about the second coming. The second coming, Fillmore said, “is here right now.”

Relating his prayer discipline to Advent, Fillmore added that the joy of his life is this inner communion. “It is a perfect ecstasy.” He focused on his inner life as “the most enticing thing in the world.” In this inner frontier, he said he found a clearer understanding of Advent.

More recently, Unity publications have described Advent as a season of hope, renewal, and change. It is a time away from the many obstacles that impede spiritual growth and immerse ourselves in the one Presence.

The word adventure, which means “an unusual and stirring experience,” comes from the same Latin root word for Advent. The Unity booklet, The Promise of Christmas, Advent 1994, said the vast and uncharted frontier for the Advent experience is that which exists within. To search for the Advent of Jesus Christ means to embark on an adventure of spiritual introspection.

(The Previous Text is From The Unity Archives)

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Thanks FOR OR FROM: That is The Question November 25

When I was in Junior High School, Mr. Allende, my Spanish teacher, had a unique way of teaching prepositions and conjunctions. Considering that this was in the sixties, I believe that he was one of the firsts rappers ever. He would clap a steady beat with his hands while we all recited (rapped) the prepositions or the conjunctions to the beat. In no time we all knew them by heart and never forgot them. To this day I can say my prepositions (in Spanish) to that same beat.

What does this story have to do with a Thanksgiving message? Well this Sunday, I will present a talk based on the work of Eric Butterworth in which we will weigh the difference in giving thanks FOR, versus giving thanks FROM. Yes, I know; I just ended a sentence with a preposition. But stay with me and join me on Sunday at 10 AM live on Facebook at

What Are You Manifesting? November 18 2018

I don’t know if its me, but it feels that this year 2018, has literally flown by and here we are, November 18, the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  And I am going to tell you something. I personally have a lot to be grateful for this year. I am sure yo do too.  And I am convinced that the fastest way to manifesting prosperity, abundance, health of mind and body, etc, etc, is by continuously holding thoughts of gratitude and appreciation. 

But the question is: Is that possible? Is it realistic to think that we can be holding gratitude thoughts 100 percent of the time? How do we stop what the Buddhists call, The Monkey Mind, from interrupting with thoughts of doubt, negativity, and unworthiness? This Sunday I will have the answer to those questions in a message called,  What Are You Manifesting.

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Amazing Grace November 11 2018

In the first letter to the Corinthians, Chapter 13, Verse 11, the Apostle Paul wrote: When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.Coco Ramos

When I was a child growing in a parroquial school I understood that Grace was something that I had only when I was good and had not committed a sin. Now as a grown up,I discern that Grace is a full state of awareness of Divine Omnipresence, Divine Love, which is unconditional, and all the goodness attributes that, when I allow it, express in my life, and my affairs.

I intend to explore this further this Sunday in my message called, Amazing Grace. Join me on Facebook at 10 AM at   

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God: Law or Grace: Novemember 4 Live on Facebook

Rev. Coco Ramos

This coming Sunday we will wrap up the what I am calling a series within a series, called, the Divine Paradoxes. And the reason for calling it a series within a series is because it evolved naturally from the current series based on the book, Lessons in Truth, by Emily Cady, which, by the way, after the Bible, Unity considers it its basic textbook. If you really wish to understand the Unity philosophy or way of life, Lessons in Truth is a must read.

Last week, we had the joy of having the Rev. Paul Hasselbeck join me and help me unravel the Father-Mother God divine paradox.  This Sunday I will address, Law versus Grace, also a Divine Paradox. I also intend to show that most of these apparent contradictions that we have been studying, emerge when we anthropomorphize the Divine, meaning thinking of God as a being with human qualities and also when we try to fit the Unlimited within our limited intellectual understanding. 

So Join me this Sunday, November 4 on Facebook Live for a Sunday message that will offer a spiritual yet very practical approach to solving this apparent Divine Paradox.

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GOD: Father, Mother, Both or Does It Matter. Oct 28

Last week I mentioned that I may have a surprise for you this Sunday, Oct 28, and I do. But you will have to watch us live on Sunday, Oct 28 at 10 AM to find out. I felt I needed help in unraveling the Divine Paradox of Father-Mother God. So I will have a live conversation with, at least in my opinion, one of the most brilliant minds of the 21 Century ( spoiler alert)  So, stay tuned and be inspired, entertained and uplifted by this thought-provoking conversation between yours truly and my  mystery guest. See you Sunday on Facebook. Click the Fabook link on our web page,

The Divine Paradoxes Oct 21

In Unity we say and teach that God is Unchanging Principle and a Personal Loving Presence; that sounds like paradox to me. We say and teach that God is Immanent and Transcendent; that’s another paradox. We refer to God as Father and Mother; yet another paradox. We also say that God is Law and also Grace. These are all Divine Paradoxes which I’m going to try to make some sense out of them this coming Sunday, Oct 21.  Join us live on Facebook at 10 AM at  or at and look for the Facebook link 

Spirit and Power. Not Man Behind The Clouds Oct 14

Tomorrow’s message will be an attempt to do something that is totally impossible. And I am talking about defining what most believers call, God. Whether we are talking about Spirit, Divine Mind, Christ, Higher Power, Sacred Omnipresence, after tomorrow’s lesson, you will have, I hope, a clearer understanding of what God is, how it operates in your life and how to use it in order to manifest blessings in your life, in the life of others and in the world we live in. Join us live at 10 AM on Facebook or watch it later. Go to, See you soon

Liberty or Bondage: Your Choice – Oct 7 on Facebook Live

If we really think about it, we are all looking for a Promised Land. Whether that promised land is a fulfilling relationship, health of mind and body, peace of mind or financial prosperity, we all want to escape from whatever it is that has kept us in bondage and has not allowed us to exercise our full potential. This lesson will be based in the first chapter of Lessons in Truth by Emilie Cady. There is something about that book that most people that read it not only experienced a transformation in their lives but they got on their way to knowing the Truth that eventually set them free. Free from what, you may ask. Well, free from thinking that you were stuck with the cards that were dealt to you at birth; that perhaps you had to suffer from the same physical condition that “ran in your family”; maybe you were raised believing in a human and punishing God. Only you and the ones that have been freed can answer that question. One thing is very true, once you have read Lessons in Truth, every now and then you will yearn to read it again, and again. Recently one of my first students, called me in tears because she had just picked up the book from her shelf and remembered how her life had been transformed. Naturally my own tears of joy followed. You have a choice to experience liberty or bondage, Which is going to be? Join me this Sunday on Facebook at 10 AM. I will be live-streaming from New York City. I look forward to share with you why Lessons in Truth is such a life-transforming book. Remember, Sunday, October 7 at 10 AM (EST) at