Powerfully Vulnerable

This is Me: Powerfully Vulnerable
What does it really mean to be authentic and vulnerable? How do our shadow experiences grow us spiritually and is it possible to skip the suffering? Join us for an exploration of these questions and more this Sunday with guest speaker, Diazina Mobley.

The New Earth: A Vision of Choice and Posibility -June 3/10 AM

“I Now Have The Power To
Re-Create My World.”

A Talk By Guest Speaker
Marque Kolack
With Guest Vocalist Angie Aldarondo
Sunday June 3, 2018
10:00-11:00am Service

12:00Noon – 1:30PM WORKSHOP:
How To Create And Maintain A Daily
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In Whom We Trust – Sunday, May 20

The subject of “trust” can be a tricky one. Somehow, it is difficult for us to trust God, particularly when facing challenging conditions or situations. However, for the most part we have no qualms trusting doctors, pharmacists, engineers, teachers or anyone responsible for our safety and well being. We even trusts that motorists will obey stoplights and stop signs (something that I constantly advise against) so we can go through a clear intersection. This Sunday as we continue to explore the book, The Handbook of Spiritual Tools: Reaching Beyond the Challenge to Find the Solution, by Lauren Mc Laughlin, we will explore, Trust as a spiritual tool. By the way, I plan to share some very good  news as well. I hope to see you at 10 AM. God Bless.Continue reading“In Whom We Trust – Sunday, May 20”

Forgiveness: A Powerful Spiritual Tool -May 13

Forgiveness is the greatest gift of self-love we can give ourselves. All of the people involved in that painful incident you believe you can never forgive—and certainly never forget—are running free, doing their own thing. Today they are shopping, playing golf, going to the beach, traveling to exotic places—and suffering very little, if at all—while you are still feeling pain every time something reminds you of them. – Laurem Mc Laughlin, The Handbook of Spiritual Tools, Reaching Beyond the Challenge to Find the Solution.

Releasing once and for all thoughts and feelings of resentments and unforgiveness, opens the way a life of abundance, love and peace of mind. This Sunday, Mother’s Day, we will explore how the powerful spiritual tool of forgiveness, can begin to immediately transform our lives. But you will only know it, when you try it.  Ruby Mercury is our guests vocalist.   See you Sunday at 10 AM at Unity Center for Positive Living

Kindness on Steroids

Perhaps one of the most difficult words to define, is the word compassion. Is compassion a specific act that we extend to another human being? Do we call ourselves compassionate as a way of satisfying our ego and feel better about ourselves? Lauren Mc Laughlin, the author of The Handbook of Spiritual Tools, which we are studying, wrote: “Compassion is kindness on steroids. Compassion compels us to set aside all thoughts and feelings of judgment of self or others, and allows us to communicate with other people purely at the soul level.” Join is un Sunday at 10 as we explore compassion as a practical spiritual tool. Terri Brinegar is our guest vocalist.

The Power of Kindness

In her book, The Handbook of Spiritual Tools, the author, Rev Lauren McLaughlin writes :

An act of kindness is a single gesture that provides a triple reward. Scientists have proven that when we perform an act of kindness—spontaneous or planned, random or targeted—our brain releases several chemicals, including serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin. These chemicals give us an instant rush of good feelings. And what is even more interesting is that those same “feel-good” chemicals are simultaneously released in the brain of the recipient of a kind act, as well as in the brain of anyone who observes it. Kindness is a win/win/win experience.

How can week incorporate acts of kindness to our set of spiritual tools and used those acts to bless others and ourselves, is the subject of this Sunday lesson. Join us at 10 AM at Unity Center for Positive Living, 1239 S US HWY 17-92, Longwood, FL. Angie will be our vocalist.

New Series: The Spiritual Toolbox

Hello every one.  A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a gem of a book, The Handbook of Spiritual Tools, Reaching Beyond the Challenge to Find the Solution, by Lauren McLaughlin, Unity Minister. I could not put it down and heard myself pondering, “If only I had read this book 40 years ago when I began my journey in Unity”  I got so exited about the practical applications of this awesome and very well writen book that I have decided to make it into a Sunday series. I have begun to use these tools in my own life; and believe me, they DO work. Join me this Sunday at 10 AM at our church or join us live on Facebook. You can find the link at the bottom of our website, www.unitychurch.com. Ruby Mercury makes her debut as our guest soloist.

The Magic of the IRS. Sunday April 15

I like to share a story about a spiritual master and his student. They were taking a very long walk, I mean several days. The walk was supposed to be in the silence, but the student kept interrupting by asking, When will I know that I have arrived at a place of enlightenment like you? Every time, the master remained quiet. Every few hours the student would ask again, with the same results. Finally, they had to cross a river that was shoulder height deep. Without warning the master grabbed the student by the neck and held his head under water. You could see the students arms splashing trying to come up from the water but the Master held him there for a long time until the Master finally let go and the student came out for air. Why did you do that? You almost killed me. What was the thing you wanted most when you were under the water?, the master asked  Of course, I wanted air, the student replied. The master said to the student……….I will tell you at the end of the lesson tomorrow at 10 AM. Angie will be our guest vocalist.

It’s Time to Open Our Eyes. April 8 10 AM

When I was growing up, there was a Bible story that for some reason struck a positive chord in me. It was about two brothers that were walking from Jerusalem to their hometown, a place called, Emmaus. They were sad about the fact that Jesus had been crucified. As they walked and discussed the events, a “stranger” joins them and begins to teach them about everything that was supposed to happen according to Scripture. When it was getting dark, the “stranger” is invited to spend the night, which was customary at the time. When having dinner, the “stranger” broke the bread and at that time the brothers recognized that it was the resurrected Jesus that had walked along with them. At that moment, Jesus dissapeared . This beautiful story has some very specific applications for us today. Come and join us at 10 AM. Ishtar will be our guest vocalist.

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