Forgiveness: A Powerful Spiritual Tool -May 13

Forgiveness is the greatest gift of self-love we can give ourselves. All of the people involved in that painful incident you believe you can never forgive—and certainly never forget—are running free, doing their own thing. Today they are shopping, playing golf, going to the beach, traveling to exotic places—and suffering very little, if at all—while you are still feeling pain every time something reminds you of them. – Laurem Mc Laughlin, The Handbook of Spiritual Tools, Reaching Beyond the Challenge to Find the Solution.

Releasing once and for all thoughts and feelings of resentments and unforgiveness, opens the way a life of abundance, love and peace of mind. This Sunday, Mother’s Day, we will explore how the powerful spiritual tool of forgiveness, can begin to immediately transform our lives. But you will only know it, when you try it.  Ruby Mercury is our guests vocalist.   See you Sunday at 10 AM at Unity Center for Positive Living