My Musings June 14

Good morning journal. I am back home after a 4 day unscheduled visit to the hospital.

When events of a challenging nature appear in our lives, it is quite common for us, in our humanity, to ask the perennial question: “why is this happening to me?” I believe, my friends, that that question could stir some trouble. Let me explain myself.

When we ask, why is this happening to me, the Universe (God,Spirit) could respond with giving us some more of the same type of experience until we finally “get it“.

If we truly believe in the Omnipresence of an All-Good Spirit, then anything that happens to us must have a blessing in it. Based on that, then the question should be: What is the blessing here or perhaps, What am I supposed to learn from this experience.

In my case and in my present experience, in which I have been forced to have a lot of quiet and solo time, The blessing have been the time that has been allowed to me to study, pray, and reflect.

In this process, I have become aware of huge blessings that were there all the time but perhaps I have taken for granted.

The very first one is the love of my family, both immediate and extended. As a hospital chaplain, I have seen many people go through a similar experience, particularly of extended stays in the hospital completely alone. I don’t know if I would’ve been able to do such a thing. Fortunately that has not been the case with me. The support of my extended family, has included preparing meals, sending donations, phone calls and prayers. I know also that there have been long conversation is offering support to my loving wife.For that unending support I am most grateful.

The next blessing comes from friends, acquaintances, followers, congregants, Unity ministers and ministries, and even complete strangers whom have made generous donations which have allowed our family to go on meeting our financial demands and unexpected expenses. To all of them in no particular order, a huge thank you.

A specific thank you goes to the members of our ministry, Unity Center for Positive Living. They have kept the ministry going, a totally volunteer effort, a labor of love.

Above all, the biggest blessing is this inner knowing that in the midst of all, our Omnipresent loving Spirit is working through me guiding, protecting, orchestrating events on my behalf towards a total healing and restoration. Of that, I am sure, which keeps me at peace.

I close with a quote from Romans 8:28

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

God bless