Amazing Grace November 11 2018

In the first letter to the Corinthians, Chapter 13, Verse 11, the Apostle Paul wrote: When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.Coco Ramos

When I was a child growing in a parroquial school I understood that Grace was something that I had only when I was good and had not committed a sin. Now as a grown up,I discern that Grace is a full state of awareness of Divine Omnipresence, Divine Love, which is unconditional, and all the goodness attributes that, when I allow it, express in my life, and my affairs.

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God: Law or Grace: Novemember 4 Live on Facebook

Rev. Coco Ramos

This coming Sunday we will wrap up the what I am calling a series within a series, called, the Divine Paradoxes. And the reason for calling it a series within a series is because it evolved naturally from the current series based on the book, Lessons in Truth, by Emily Cady, which, by the way, after the Bible, Unity considers it its basic textbook. If you really wish to understand the Unity philosophy or way of life, Lessons in Truth is a must read.

Last week, we had the joy of having the Rev. Paul Hasselbeck join me and help me unravel the Father-Mother God divine paradox.  This Sunday I will address, Law versus Grace, also a Divine Paradox. I also intend to show that most of these apparent contradictions that we have been studying, emerge when we anthropomorphize the Divine, meaning thinking of God as a being with human qualities and also when we try to fit the Unlimited within our limited intellectual understanding. 

So Join me this Sunday, November 4 on Facebook Live for a Sunday message that will offer a spiritual yet very practical approach to solving this apparent Divine Paradox.

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GOD: Father, Mother, Both or Does It Matter. Oct 28

Last week I mentioned that I may have a surprise for you this Sunday, Oct 28, and I do. But you will have to watch us live on Sunday, Oct 28 at 10 AM to find out. I felt I needed help in unraveling the Divine Paradox of Father-Mother God. So I will have a live conversation with, at least in my opinion, one of the most brilliant minds of the 21 Century ( spoiler alert)  So, stay tuned and be inspired, entertained and uplifted by this thought-provoking conversation between yours truly and my  mystery guest. See you Sunday on Facebook. Click the Fabook link on our web page,

The Divine Paradoxes Oct 21

In Unity we say and teach that God is Unchanging Principle and a Personal Loving Presence; that sounds like paradox to me. We say and teach that God is Immanent and Transcendent; that’s another paradox. We refer to God as Father and Mother; yet another paradox. We also say that God is Law and also Grace. These are all Divine Paradoxes which I’m going to try to make some sense out of them this coming Sunday, Oct 21.  Join us live on Facebook at 10 AM at  or at and look for the Facebook link 

Spirit and Power. Not Man Behind The Clouds Oct 14

Tomorrow’s message will be an attempt to do something that is totally impossible. And I am talking about defining what most believers call, God. Whether we are talking about Spirit, Divine Mind, Christ, Higher Power, Sacred Omnipresence, after tomorrow’s lesson, you will have, I hope, a clearer understanding of what God is, how it operates in your life and how to use it in order to manifest blessings in your life, in the life of others and in the world we live in. Join us live at 10 AM on Facebook or watch it later. Go to, See you soon

Liberty or Bondage: Your Choice – Oct 7 on Facebook Live

If we really think about it, we are all looking for a Promised Land. Whether that promised land is a fulfilling relationship, health of mind and body, peace of mind or financial prosperity, we all want to escape from whatever it is that has kept us in bondage and has not allowed us to exercise our full potential. This lesson will be based in the first chapter of Lessons in Truth by Emilie Cady. There is something about that book that most people that read it not only experienced a transformation in their lives but they got on their way to knowing the Truth that eventually set them free. Free from what, you may ask. Well, free from thinking that you were stuck with the cards that were dealt to you at birth; that perhaps you had to suffer from the same physical condition that “ran in your family”; maybe you were raised believing in a human and punishing God. Only you and the ones that have been freed can answer that question. One thing is very true, once you have read Lessons in Truth, every now and then you will yearn to read it again, and again. Recently one of my first students, called me in tears because she had just picked up the book from her shelf and remembered how her life had been transformed. Naturally my own tears of joy followed. You have a choice to experience liberty or bondage, Which is going to be? Join me this Sunday on Facebook at 10 AM. I will be live-streaming from New York City. I look forward to share with you why Lessons in Truth is such a life-transforming book. Remember, Sunday, October 7 at 10 AM (EST) at

Continued Flow of Good for You

In medicine, there is a condition called, Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The person that suffers from it has episodes during sleep of interrupted breathing which results, among other things in not achieving a deep and restful sleep plus other possible serious consequences as well. Sleep Apnea occurs when the airwaves are obstructed. The condition  is helped with what is called a Continued Positive Air Pressure machine, also known as CPAP. The flow of positive pressure allows the patient to breath freely and uninterruptedly.

So what does this have to do with us or where I am going with this?  Well. When we believe in God’s Omnipresent Good, we can expect that good to continuously flow in and through our lives, UNLESS something is obstructing that flow.  I have devised  a special kind of CPAP for our mind that will guarantee that good and only good will flow in and through us.  To find out what this CPAP is, join us tomorrow on our Facebook live broadcast. You can find the link in our web page at, or by going to The broadcast begins at 10 AM. You may always watch it later.

New Beginnings: New Address

Every now and then, important events, conditions and situations take place that end up changing or at least modifying the course of history. We are about to commemorate such an event that took place 17 years ago. Nothing has been the same since that infamous day on September 11, 2001.

However, there is one and only one thing that remains intact and that never can or never will change. And that is God’s Omnipresent Spirit in the midst of all.

Regardless of how a particular event ends up affecting us, God is always there guiding us towards our perfect good. By surrendering our egos to this truth, we prosper, we heal, and we rejoice in the knowing that In God we live, move and have our being.

After 15 years of traditional Sunday ministry, Unity Center for Positive Living is transitioning to a new model of spreading the wonderful Universal Principles of practical Christianity and spirituality. Effective immediately, our services will be only streamed on our page on Facebook. Soon we will make specific announcements about classes, webinars and live gatherings in Seminole County, Florida. In the meantime, we have changed our US Mailing address to 5415 Lake Howell RD #248, Winter Park, FL 32792. That is the address to use if you have been supporting us through your financial institution. Our PayPal address remains the same,

Hope to see you soon in virtual reality.

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Reverend Lauri has been serving the Unity movement for 21 years. First as Youth Director and Licensed Unity Teacher before becoming ordained through the Field Licensing Program. She then served as Senior Minister with Unity of Citrus until 2012. Lauri has served as Secretary, Vice President and President of the Suncoast Unity Minister’s Association and remains an active member.

Lauri earned her Ordination and Seminary Degree from Unity Institute, and also holds a dual Major Bachelor of Art’s degree in Comparative Religion and in Spiritual Studies . Rev. Lauri is also a trained Montessori Instructor. It is Reverend Lauri’s passion and privilege to live the Unity message and inspire others to “BE THE FULL VISION GOD HOLDS FOR THEM.”

The Title will be “AND THE WORD BECAME FLESH” . It is about the power of spoken (and non-spoken) words.

Rev Coco and Terri Brinegar will be providing the music.

Love, and Love Well July 15

I have always felt a deep connection with Jesus’s greatest commandment found in Matthew 22:36-40 “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself”. However, one day while listening to an audio book, the author made an impactful statement that has had me reevaluating my interpretation and practice of this important commandment in my life. Adyashanti’s, statement to “love and love well” has caused me to explore new depths on how I actually love God, my neighbor and myself. So far, my findings, experiences and revelations practicing “love, and love well” have been and are of great significance to me. I will be delighted to share them with all of you on Sunday July 15, 2018. In the meantime, be at Peace! Love and love well,