Close and Personal: Lazarus Applied

Close and Personal: Lazarus Miracle Applied

In the past, I have shared an eight-step formula that is hidden in the narrative that appears in the resurrection of Lazarus as told by the Gospel according to John . This formula was discovered by Unity Minister and Bible Scholar, Rev. Paul Barrett.

This time, I will share how I have applied that same formula in my own healing and restoration journey during the last year.

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Let’s Take a Selfie. Sunday January 27, 2019

Nowadays is almost impossible to be in a public place in which there is not someone taking a selfie. The practice of taking self portraits with our mobile devices probably exploded when Ellen Degeneres took a selfie with a bunch of celebrities on national television while hosting the Oscars. Since, we have become fascinated with the practice and seek every opportunity to show on social media our new hairstyle or any kind of celebration with friends and family.

As a former professional photographer, I used to take portraits of people in their homes or place of work. My goal was to attempt to capture the essence of my subject personality by seeking eye contact with the individual and establish spontaneous interaction while snapping lots of pictures. I knew I had done my job when, upon examining the proofs, the person would say: “It looks so real and natural; this is who I am.”

In this Sunday’s message, I would like to embark on a journey in which we will take spiritual selfies.  It will be an invitation to look deep into our soul and take various selfies.  How are we showing up spiritually in the world and how we can improve our spiritual selfie image, will be my message entitled, Let’s Take a Selfie. 

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The Power of Your Words: Jan 13,2019

Do you ever talk to yourself? I do. I am speaking about the internal dialogue, sometimes spoken, sometimes silent, that we hold with ourselves when reacting to life’s events and circumstances. prayerWhat words do you use followed by the phrase, I AM? What do you say to yourself when contemplating your reflection in the mirror? When something does not go according to plan, do you call yourself names, or do you forgive yourself and move on?

Our words have power and choosing our words on a moment by moment basis have a direct impact on our prosperity, peace of mind, and happiness.

Join us this Sunday, June 13, for a reflection on the use of our words. You may become aware of some words that need to be eliminated from your day to day vocabulary.

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What Do We Need to Overcome: The Key To Lasting Resolutions

Have you noticed that year after year, we make the same resolutions over and over, hoping to change a behavior, bad habit or anything that is not serving us well, only to find ourselves soon forgetting about the resolutions and repeating the old behavior?5 stones This Sunday’s service is based on a text from the Book of Revelation that reads as follows: “To him who overcomes, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give him a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it.

The key word here is “overcomes” But, I ask myself, overcome what? Overcoming is not a word that you hear a lot in Unity. Yet, thanks to Unity researcher, Rev Mark Kicks, we can trace Unity teachings on overcoming all the way to the Bible and the teachings of Emily Cady and the Fillmores.

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Happy New Year: What is God’s Purpose

Yes, that is a bit of a strange title for a Sunday lesson; but hear me out. The end of a year is when we look back and we look ahead. When looking back, we evaluate our pluses and minuses and perhaps reflect upon, sometimes with regret, on our minuses. I venture to say that we spend more time on our minuses than on our pluses. I believe that in all, Divine Omnipresence, which is absolute Goodness itself was there all the time. By definition, it cannot be any other way. These and some other important things will be the subject of this Sunday lesson at 10 AM in English and at 10:45 in Spanish. Join us live on Facebook at

The Trip to Bethlehem: Only One Carry On Allowed

The Trip to Bethlehem is more than a journey of Mary and Joseph over two centuries ago. It is a spiritual journey that we take every single day if we wish to express more of the Christ in us. The German mystic, Angelus Silicious said that it does not matter how many times the Christ is born in Bethlehem, it doesn’t do us any good unless Christ is born in us. The Trip to Bethlehem is also about Mary and Joseph being counted in a Census that was Taking place. This Census along with King Herod, Mary and Joseph is a drama that takes place in you and me every day of our lives. Join us on Facebook at tomorrow at 10 AM.

How Many Bars Do you Have?

Remember the cell phone commercials that went, “ Can you hear me now?”  Well, in a cell phone, the number of bars that appear on your device determine how strong your reception or transmission is.

With our spiritual life something similar happens. We can increase our ability to receive divine ideas from “angels” projected into our consciousness. 

This is what happened to Mary when she heard the announcement from the angel Gabriel. She was prepared because she had a spiritual practice that increased her awareness.

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Peter and the Fourth Dimension

Charles Fillmore, the Co-founder of Unity, compared the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven with The Fourth Dimension. But rather than having to wait until after death, he said that we could access this realm of infinite possibilities here and now. How do we do it?  I believe that the Disciple Peter has the answer to that question. Join us this morning at 10 Am at

The Advent Season: Right Here, Right Now

Unity has historically viewed the season of Advent as an inner search of mind and heart.

Cofounder Charles Fillmore spoke of Unity and Advent in a January 24, 1923, radio broadcast called “Christ Mind, the Second Coming of Christ.” He shared his thoughts on his understanding that “Christ is an idea in divine mind,” and highlighted the universality of the Christ, the divine essence that dwells in every human being.

“Like the idea of mathematics or music or any of the exact sciences, there is an idea of a perfect Christ in divine mind,” he told the (Unity station) WOQ audience.

Fillmore said people with preconceived, human notions of the “second coming” are bound to be disillusioned. “They are simply looking in the wrong place to discover the Advent,” he said.

Once you understand the spiritual character of Christ’s second coming, he said, then you find Christ within yourself.

Fillmore drove home his understanding of true Advent in an apocryphal story about a follower of William Miller (1782–1849). Miller had prophesied that Jesus’ second coming would occur between 1843 and 1844.

The story he shared was about a farmer who was a Millerite follower. The man put on his ascension robe and climbed up on a stack of hay to await the second coming, and he fell asleep there. Mischievous boys saw him slumbering, struck a match to the haystack and it went up in flames. When the man suddenly awakened he yelled out: “Resurrection morn, and I am in hell, just as expected.”

Fillmore found within the story the precise problem of human expectations. The human understanding of Advent was a personal construct rather than a truthful, divine one. Instead, Fillmore taught, it is “a metaphysical fact, according as you think in your heart so are you.”

He concluded that there is such a thing as a “Christ consciousness.”

He assured his listeners that the kingdom of God is within you, and that the more we search for that inner kingdom and comply with the law, the more we will know about the second coming. The second coming, Fillmore said, “is here right now.”

Relating his prayer discipline to Advent, Fillmore added that the joy of his life is this inner communion. “It is a perfect ecstasy.” He focused on his inner life as “the most enticing thing in the world.” In this inner frontier, he said he found a clearer understanding of Advent.

More recently, Unity publications have described Advent as a season of hope, renewal, and change. It is a time away from the many obstacles that impede spiritual growth and immerse ourselves in the one Presence.

The word adventure, which means “an unusual and stirring experience,” comes from the same Latin root word for Advent. The Unity booklet, The Promise of Christmas, Advent 1994, said the vast and uncharted frontier for the Advent experience is that which exists within. To search for the Advent of Jesus Christ means to embark on an adventure of spiritual introspection.

(The Previous Text is From The Unity Archives)

I will explore these and some other ideas this Sunday, December 2, at 10 AM on our live broadcast on Facebook at See you then.

Thanks FOR OR FROM: That is The Question November 25

When I was in Junior High School, Mr. Allende, my Spanish teacher, had a unique way of teaching prepositions and conjunctions. Considering that this was in the sixties, I believe that he was one of the firsts rappers ever. He would clap a steady beat with his hands while we all recited (rapped) the prepositions or the conjunctions to the beat. In no time we all knew them by heart and never forgot them. To this day I can say my prepositions (in Spanish) to that same beat.

What does this story have to do with a Thanksgiving message? Well this Sunday, I will present a talk based on the work of Eric Butterworth in which we will weigh the difference in giving thanks FOR, versus giving thanks FROM. Yes, I know; I just ended a sentence with a preposition. But stay with me and join me on Sunday at 10 AM live on Facebook at