Continued Flow of Good for You

In medicine, there is a condition called, Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The person that suffers from it has episodes during sleep of interrupted breathing which results, among other things in not achieving a deep and restful sleep plus other possible serious consequences as well. Sleep Apnea occurs when the airwaves are obstructed. The condition  is helped with what is called a Continued Positive Air Pressure machine, also known as CPAP. The flow of positive pressure allows the patient to breath freely and uninterruptedly.

So what does this have to do with us or where I am going with this?  Well. When we believe in God’s Omnipresent Good, we can expect that good to continuously flow in and through our lives, UNLESS something is obstructing that flow.  I have devised  a special kind of CPAP for our mind that will guarantee that good and only good will flow in and through us.  To find out what this CPAP is, join us tomorrow on our Facebook live broadcast. You can find the link in our web page at, or by going to The broadcast begins at 10 AM. You may always watch it later.