God: Law or Grace: Novemember 4 Live on Facebook

Rev. Coco Ramos

This coming Sunday we will wrap up the what I am calling a series within a series, called, the Divine Paradoxes. And the reason for calling it a series within a series is because it evolved naturally from the current series based on the book, Lessons in Truth, by Emily Cady, which, by the way, after the Bible, Unity considers it its basic textbook. If you really wish to understand the Unity philosophy or way of life, Lessons in Truth is a must read.

Last week, we had the joy of having the Rev. Paul Hasselbeck join me and help me unravel the Father-Mother God divine paradox.  This Sunday I will address, Law versus Grace, also a Divine Paradox. I also intend to show that most of these apparent contradictions that we have been studying, emerge when we anthropomorphize the Divine, meaning thinking of God as a being with human qualities and also when we try to fit the Unlimited within our limited intellectual understanding. 

So Join me this Sunday, November 4 on Facebook Live for a Sunday message that will offer a spiritual yet very practical approach to solving this apparent Divine Paradox.

Here is the link to join our Facebook live stream: