Let’s Take a Selfie. Sunday January 27, 2019

Nowadays is almost impossible to be in a public place in which there is not someone taking a selfie. The practice of taking self portraits with our mobile devices probably exploded when Ellen Degeneres took a selfie with a bunch of celebrities on national television while hosting the Oscars. Since, we have become fascinated with the practice and seek every opportunity to show on social media our new hairstyle or any kind of celebration with friends and family.

As a former professional photographer, I used to take portraits of people in their homes or place of work. My goal was to attempt to capture the essence of my subject personality by seeking eye contact with the individual and establish spontaneous interaction while snapping lots of pictures. I knew I had done my job when, upon examining the proofs, the person would say: “It looks so real and natural; this is who I am.”

In this Sunday’s message, I would like to embark on a journey in which we will take spiritual selfies.  It will be an invitation to look deep into our soul and take various selfies.  How are we showing up spiritually in the world and how we can improve our spiritual selfie image, will be my message entitled, Let’s Take a Selfie. 

Join us on www.facebook.com/unitycenterforpositiveliving at 10 AM on Sunday, in English and at 10:45 in Spanish.