Thanks FOR OR FROM: That is The Question November 25

When I was in Junior High School, Mr. Allende, my Spanish teacher, had a unique way of teaching prepositions and conjunctions. Considering that this was in the sixties, I believe that he was one of the firsts rappers ever. He would clap a steady beat with his hands while we all recited (rapped) the prepositions or the conjunctions to the beat. In no time we all knew them by heart and never forgot them. To this day I can say my prepositions (in Spanish) to that same beat.

What does this story have to do with a Thanksgiving message? Well this Sunday, I will present a talk based on the work of Eric Butterworth in which we will weigh the difference in giving thanks FOR, versus giving thanks FROM. Yes, I know; I just ended a sentence with a preposition. But stay with me and join me on Sunday at 10 AM live on Facebook at