The Power of Your Words: Jan 13,2019

Do you ever talk to yourself? I do. I am speaking about the internal dialogue, sometimes spoken, sometimes silent, that we hold with ourselves when reacting to life’s events and circumstances. prayerWhat words do you use followed by the phrase, I AM? What do you say to yourself when contemplating your reflection in the mirror? When something does not go according to plan, do you call yourself names, or do you forgive yourself and move on?

Our words have power and choosing our words on a moment by moment basis have a direct impact on our prosperity, peace of mind, and happiness.

Join us this Sunday, June 13, for a reflection on the use of our words. You may become aware of some words that need to be eliminated from your day to day vocabulary.

Join us on Facebook at 10 AM at .  There is also a Spanish version at 10:45