Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

Here is my latest update. Physically and emotionally, I feel fine. I have done chemo, I have done radiation without any significant side effects. In a few weeks I will have some cat scans and blood tests to determine if I am ready for surgery. In anticipation of that, I had a 2-day nuclear stress test which I passed with flying colors; so now Cardiology has given me the green light to undergo surgery.

Perhaps the hardest part of this is waiting and keeping my mind occupied, I cannot work at the hospital because by immune system might be compromised. Waiting, fighting boredom and a bit of cabin fever, has been my biggest challenge. So how, have I approached that?

Napoleon Hill wrote that “ In Adversity Lies the seed of an equivalent or higher benefit. The Apostle Paul wrote that, All things work together for good. The greatest blessing so far is that I have strengthen my meditation practice, and have increased the times that I am consciously aware of the Presence of Spirit in and through everything, and everyone.

I am blessed that I am traversing my journey with ease and grace and no symptoms. I am blessed for the medical professionals that care for me. I am grateful for people that have gone through similar experiences and have shared valuable insights. I am grateful to the many people that have reached out with cards, or have contributed to the www.gofundme.com/cocoramos fund raising efforts that my daughter initiated. I am full of gratitude for family and friends that are holding a vision of wholeness for me through prayer. I am super blessed by the support, attention and hands on care provided by my wife and loving daughters.

Keep those prayers going, my dear friends and supporters. They are working.

Until the next update, I remain grateful,